Wash & Aftercare

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Take care of your clothes & our planet

Here are a few tips to get the most out of washing & caring for your clothes


First things first, does this garment really need a full wash or is it just a stain that needs treating or can you simply hang it out to air dry?

Always read your care label, you’ll be surprised that not many of us care to check but it is there for a good reason.

Separate your washing into colours darks & lights and textiles hard & soft

Always wash your darks, embellished garments and printed tees inside out

Do full loads of laundry, just don’t overfill your washing machine as your clothes won't wash properly and they can cause irreversible damage by rubbing against each other

Lower your washing temperature to 30°C - its better for your environment 

Wash for shorter and skip the spin cycle, or at least reduce the rpm

Filter your synthetic clothes; nylon, polyester, acrylic into a GUPPYFRIEND  bag to capture the microfibres, or better yet, buy better and avoid these materials altogether

Useless and the best detergent for your wash. washing powder contains mineral abrasives that can damage your garments so go for a non-toxic liquid detergent which is eco-labelled and avoid fabric softeners as they can contain substances that are harmful to the environment. We can recommend some here on our very own laundry page


To get the most longevity out of your clothes, we recommend drying naturally. Air dry your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack and hold them down with some lovely wooden pegs so they don’t get blown away. Give clothes a good shake and plenty of space on the washing line to avoid heavy creasing

Ditch the iron. or at least if you must use a low heat and again read your care label carefully

Purchase better hangers. lovely wooden ones would be ideal which not only last    forever, they take care of the shape of the garment while hung

Avoid overcrowding on your rails to reduce creasing and damaging delicates

Fold your knits & tees and stack them neatly (or as I do, The KonMari Method™ by Marie Kondo)

Learn basic mending. get your sewing kit out boys & girls and learn to sew! make good use to all those hotel sewing kits, it's also quite relaxing…

Your knits can get bobbled over time, so invest in a bobble comb to bring your knitwear back to life

Are your favourite pair of jeans or t-shirts, shirts, or any fave item looking tired & faded from all l the wearing and wash they have received over the years. Still, want to keep them but inject some life back into them? Then why not throw them into a bath dye!   Your clothes will look good as new

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