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mi story

This is me, Kate Auguste. Wife, Mum of two girls and a career past that adds up to 20 years plus on and off in the Fashion Industry trying to figure out what to buy and where to buy better. Which leads me to the creation of mi apparel.

I started off with Fashion college, going onto studying Fashion at university. Having a Saturday job at a well-known clothing store then going into the big grown-up world and holding down various roles within the Fashion industry including (no judgment please) being part of a buying team in Fast Fashion.

Fashion Started to get blurry. We aren't seeing seasons anymore. I personally wasn't getting excited about clothing because so much new product was being thrown at us every week.

Seeing the Fashion industry as it stands now, being one of the top 5   polluting industries on the planet, being part of modern day slavery in workers, reducing people to a breaking point to harvest a decent crop for Fast Fashion. And this is only scratching the surface.

It had to change and I wanted to make a change.

So I began...

'If we are to purchase our desires we had to make it better'

I created mi apparel for you & me. Become part of the mi apparel story and together we can make a better choice of how we shop; for our planet, for our people.


mi products

All mi apparel products are personally chosen for you.

Each product is to bring joy to your life and make you feel good about yourself and at mi apparel I've made sure that each product has been created an Ethical, Sustainable, Transparent way.

We're here to build a clean living together. Your products tell a story of you, your products have stories of their own, let's make them good, positive, happy stories.


mi mission

mi apparel was founded on the belief that Fashion is fun, beautiful, radical, a rebel, freedom, free speech. We just add layers of Ethnicity, Sustainability & Transparency.

Launched in 2018, mi apparel brings you a collection of effortlessly cool sustainable fashion, natural organic beauty & ethical homeware for your conscious lifestyle 




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