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Product Description

SODA CRYSTALS by Living Naturally

  • In-wash stain additive. Vegan, biodegradable and septic tank safe.
  • Soda Crystals should be used in every wash. Simply add the required amount to the detergent drawer, along with your usual washing powder, or directly in to the drum.
  • Shift organic stains from clothes by using as an in-wash additive. Simply add a tablespoon of Soda Crystals to the normal detergent.
  • Remove tough stains from clothes by using as a pre-soak. Make a strong solution of Soda Crystals and warm water and soak garment for 1 hour before washing normally.
  • Save money! Soda Crystals soften water in the washing machine meaning less detergent is needed.
  • Prolong the life of your washing machine by preventing limescale build up.

Details & Weight

  • 450g
  • Vegan
  • Fragrance Free  

Key Ingredients 

  • Biodegradable Soda Crystals



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