true organic of sweden, underproduction agent, mi apparel
true organic of sweden, underproduction agent, mi apparel
True Organic of Sweden


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UNDERCOVER AGENT Deodorant by True Organic of Sweden

  • Undercover Agent Deodorant is a natural safe & effective deodorant that actually works.
  • Alum has a long history of safe use as a deodorant ingredient and is a traditional alternative to many modern deodorants. Undercover Agent is made from just a solid moulded lump of crystallised alum, which is a naturally mined mineral salt. Potassium alum, when used in its pure state, will provide 24-hour odour protection by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria and it is hypoallergenic.

Details & Dimensions 

  • Free from synthetic aluminium and alcohol and made with organic ingredients.
  • Comes in a beautiful roll-on glass packaging with a recyclable plastic lid
  • Vegan-friendly product!
  • Lightly scented with Ho leaf oil and Cypress oils
  • A unisex deodorant


  • Ingredients: 
    • Citric Acid Ester: lowers Skin PH value so odor forming bacteria cannot multiply rapidly
    • Potassium Alum: a natural mineral salt which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria in a natural way without inhibiting the function of the sweat glands to transpire
    • Sodium Bicarbonate: baking soda absorbs odors, 
    • Rosewood essential oil: relaxing for hectic and stressful times, 
    • Cypress essential oil: antiseptic, calming
  • Free From: parabens, mineral oils, syntetic fragrances, sulfates, PEGs, EDTA or dyes
  • Not tested on animals
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • The only non-natural ingredient is baking soda

Please Note

  • We, at True organic of Sweden & mi apparel recognise that no two people are alike, and even with pure and natural ingredients, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction that is unique to them. As with any product, be sure to discontinue use if you experience discomfort or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for your individual body chemistry.

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