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blog, mi musings, mi apparelTRIBE // trʌɪb aka A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect. 

Sounds good to me, let’s get one started. mi tribe. That was an easy decision to make. So there we have it, my own ethical, sustainable fashion community called ‘mi tribe’. Why? Well to be honest because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the ethical fashion world when it came to information and community type platforms which only focused on this particular industry. Yes, we have Instagram, which is a great platform to share beautiful, raw pictures, uplifting quotes with a dollop of honest captions and I’m all in for that. Then there is twitter where basically you just say what’s in your head unfiltered and if it fits into 1 tweet than even better. With facebook page, well I haven’t mastered that one yet. Yes, there are many more platforms out there but to be honest I can just about manage the three just mentioned. Does anyone remember pre-2007 when there was life without all this malarky?

I want to create a place away from all the glossy stuff where we can be ourselves, our own voice. Read about peoples experience, soak up new knowledge, encourage people who are struggling with businesses to how to go get your ethical wardrobe, be curious on topics that might ruffle feathers and ask the question that's been stuck in your head for weeks. Did you know that sometimes what we think is a stupid question ends up being the question everyone wants to know the answer to?

I want to create a place away from all the glossy stuff where we can be ourselves, our own voice.

We live in an era where the devil of time takes makes us not catch up with ourselves and to keep up with the news & life outside our own head. Have you ever read something, carried on with your life but then it pops back into your head and often wondered what happened to that story.? This is where I believe mi tribe will be a great hub to connect people, keep relevant and a place where you can ask the question of ‘whatever happened with…?’.

In all honesty, maybe I am just starting this because it’s a lonely place being on your own in a small independent, one woman band business and I need to interact with people just to keep my creative juices flowing through my brain. I love Instagram & twitter but I feel you move on from the last post where at mi tribe I'd love for it to be a place where you can pick up where you left it, use it for research, as a reference, make amazing connections, friends even, see my brutal honesty shine through ha!… All in one hub. 

Who knows where mi tribe could lead to, but it’s exciting, isn’t it? 

Will you join me?... mi tribe, be part of the story


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