U.K. Lawmakers Ask Fast Fashion to Explain Climate Impacts


bloomberg - mi apparelU.K. lawmakers have written to the heads of online retailers including Amazon.com Inc. and Asos Plc to seek evidence about the environmental and social impacts of selling cheap clothes.

The letter to the head of Amazon in the U.K. was prompted by evidence given to a panel of British politicians that heard the demand for affordable garments online is so high that companies are at risk of paying well below the minimum wage and not devoting enough attention to the damage easily disposable clothes have on the environment.

The global fashion industry worth around $3 trillion makes 100 billion accessories and garments a year -- about 60 percent of which are thrown away within a year, according to McKinsey & Co. A small fraction of that is recycled.


  • How the companies ensure that all the garment workers producing the clothes you sell are paid at least the minimum wage?
  • What is the average life-cycle of the garments you sell?
  • What recycled materials, if any, are used in your products?
  • How companies measure progress towards reducing the environmental impact of the products you sell?

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