Shop Ethical Instead: How to make Black Friday better for people & planet


It’s that time of year again – retailers are spending millions on heartwarming ads to grab our attention and whip us up into a spending frenzy.

Black Friday is filling our newsfeeds with bargain deals and this year many retailers have stretched out their sales for a whole week or more!

The biggest spending marathon of the year is about to start and in the UK alone we’ll spend around £5.4bn – an average of £165 per household.

54% of shoppers admitted to feeling stressed, anxious and even argumentative when doing their Christmas shopping, and 2 out of 3 said they would snatch the last item from the shelf, even if another shopper was reaching for it.

All this bargain hunting might be bringing out the worst in shoppers, but it’s also having a toxic impact on the planet too.

Brits have wasted a staggering £3.9bn on Black Friday purchases they haven’t used or don’t even remember buying and of those who had a Black Friday regret, only 43% returned the item back to the retailer, resulting in items left redundant across the country or destined for landfill.

A study in 2015 found that household consumption is responsible for more than 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions and as people prepare to start spending on more stuff they don’t need, it’s time for eco-conscious shoppers to raise awareness of the alternatives.

For many small businesses sales at this time of year can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer’s annual turnover, so it really is a crucial time for their survival.

Shopping locally and supporting small businesses helps to boost communities too. For every £1 spent with small or medium-sized businesses, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with larger businesses.

Plus we all know that buying ethically is good for people and planet, but it could actually be good for your own wellbeing too.

That’s why we created our #ShopEthicalInstead campaign – to put a positive alternative across and encourage people to support small, ethical businesses this holiday season.

Inside the Ethical Hour community on Facebook we’ve already started exchanging ethical gift ideas and set the challenge of buying all our Christmas shopping from Ethical Hour members.

Last year our #ShopEthicalInstead campaign reached millions of people online and this year we’re hoping to make it even bigger.

We partnered with Natural Mumma Magazine to feature a range of ethical brands and raise awareness of the campaign in their November issue ahead of Black Friday:


 Full article on Ethical Hour


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