Mi Apparel Pops Up at the Dock

02 | 2019

mi apparel - sustainable fashion - albert dockLaunching on Thursday 21st February as a pop-up at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, Mi Apparel offers an exciting collection of ethical fashion items, along with natural, organic beauty products. Ideal for the conscious shopper, Mi Apparel stocks an array of brands, each of which are passionate about making positive changes in the fashion industry, through their design, production and retail methods.

Founded by Kate Auguste in 2018, Mi Apparel was born out of a desire to offer fashionable items and high quality products, which are sustainable and created in a transparent way. With experience working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, coupled with a fashion degree under her belt, Kate recognized a need for more ethically conscious brands, in an industry that is one of the top five polluting ones on the planet.

In our current climate the rise of ‘fast fashion’, meaning cheap disposable clothes, has a hugely negative impact on our environment, as items of clothing are worn a few times before being thrown away. This results in approximately 300,000 tonnes of waste clothing in the UK every year. With Mi Apparel, Kate encourages customers to buy in to ‘forever fashion’, choosing longevity and an ethical supply chain over cheaper, low quality items.

Kate’s aim is for Mi Apparel’s products to be fun, fashionable and stylish, with added layers of ethnicity, sustainability and transparency. Brands range from the award-winning ‘Evolve Organic Beauty’, to the contemporary ‘Armedangels’, a brand whose mission is to combine fair working conditions with high quality materials and beautiful design.

Article from The Royal Albert Dock News

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