Britain's love of fast fashion is 'harming marine life'


itv news - mi apparelFabric fragments shed from cheap, disposable clothes, often during washing, are clogging the seas around Britain, scientists have warned.

The tiny microfibres may not be visible to the naked eye, but they are having a big impact on marine pollution.

Marine biologists have set up special nets designed to collect the half a million tonnes of textile fibres found in British waters every year to monitor the impact.

Now MPs are calling on some of the UK’s leading retailers to reduce the environmental footprint of fast fashion.

Marine Biologist Richard Thompson told ITV News: "If you're talking about a dress at a price point of £5 it almost makes it a single-use item, just the same as a single-use coffee cup.

"Something that we’re using for a very short period, potentially, and yet it has a lot persistence as waste.“
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